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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I view my Auctiva Commerce bill?

For users who signed up for an Auctiva Commerce plan prior to April 3, 2012: Log in to your Auctiva account, hover your mouse over the "My Account" tab and click on the "My Account Activity" link. The "Account Activity" page will load. You can view invoices and make payments from this page.

Your store fee is charged to your account at the beginning of each billing cycle and any applicable transaction fees are billed at the end of each billing cycle. For example, your August bill will include the store fee for the month of August and any applicable transaction fees for orders processed in July. Note: No currently available Auctiva Commerce plans include transaction fees.

If you signed up for an Auctiva Commerce store after April 3, 2012, please visit and log-in to view your account details.