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Frequently Asked Question:

How does Auctiva Multi-Channel compare to other multi-channel selling services?

We're here to make multi-channel selling easy. One place, one solution to manage inventory, sync quantity, list efficiently and market affordable.

We provide a wide variety of powerful marketing tools for eBay.
Not only do we simplify multi-channel selling by providing Auto-Synced Quantity, inventory and order management features, but we also provide a variety of marketing tools that will help boost your eBay sales, including:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. The Search Engine Optimizer
  3. The cross-selling Scrolling Gallery
  4. 300+ Listing Templates Designs
  5. A Free Emporium Storefront for eBay

We offer flexible & affordable plans.
Unlike other providers, our multi-channel selling solutions are affordable and are solely based off your active SKU/product count. Other providers often charge based off the number of orders you receive per month, but not here! We encourage you to increase your sales, without having to increase your expenses.
For as low as $29.95/month you’re able to manage your multi-channel listings and orders from one easy-to-use platform, boost sales with our various marketing tools and save time with Auto-Synced Quantity.

We’re dedicated to the success of your business.
Since 1998 we’ve been committed to helping online sellers save time and increase their profits. We offer live chat, phone support, and every 2 weeks we host a free webinar to ensure you have multiple channels to seek help if you need it. Additionally, we offer email support assistance Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm PT.
Additionally, we have a very active Community Board where you can strike up a conversation with any Auctiva seller or Auctiva representative. Plus, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram to stay up to date on our announcements, news and giveaway contests!