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Frequently Asked Question:

How does Auctiva Multi-Channel help me save time?

Start saving time with Auto-Sync Quantity. If you have this setting enabled, Auto-Sync Quantity keeps your listing’s quantity in sync automatically, across all linked channels. Meaning, whenever you make a sale or update the listing’s quantity on one channel, it’s automatically updated on the others. This feature eliminates the repetitive act of revising quantity on every marketplace each time an order comes in.

Additionally using the Multi-Channel One-Page Lister will also save you time. This feature gives you the ability to fill out one listing form and with a click of a button you can submit it to all linked channels. One place, one solution.

We also provide a handful of automatic marketing features such as the cross-selling Scrolling Gallery for eBay, and Auto-Marketing Transactional Emails for eBay. These 2 automated features will not only save you time, but they’ll also help increase your multi-item purchases as well as turn past buyers into repeat buyers.

Save even more time by streamlining your after-the-sale processes with our automated tools such as Auto-Insurance Rules and Auto-Feedback for eBay.