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Frequently Asked Question:

How does Auctiva's active content removal tool work?

Auctiva provides an automated, active content removal service to all sellers subscribed to an Auctiva plan. This service is designed to help get eBay listings into compliance with eBay's Active Content Policy, without sellers having to spend hours making manual revisions.

Here's how the active content remover works:
  1. Sign up for the Auctiva Pro, Elite, Advanced, or Starter plan.
  2. Select “I want all active content removed from my listings” on the plan confirmation page.
  3. Submit your plan and Auctiva will begin reviewing your active listings.
  4. When active content is found, it will automatically be removed from the listing.
  5. When the process completes, you’ll receive an informative Auctiva account message where you'll be able to verify the results of the update.
  6. The active content remover tool can only update active listings–so when you relist and repost listings, it will continue to review and remove active content from those listings as well.