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Frequently Asked Question:

Is the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery compliant with eBay's Active Content Policy?

Yes! Auctiva's Scrolling Gallery is active content-free and compliant with all eBay policies, including the upcoming active content policy.
With the enhanced design of the Scrolling Gallery you're able to promote your brand and increase traffic to your listings even after the Active Content Policy goes into effect.

Benefits of the Scrolling Gallery:
  • Customizable settings such as text, color and style, allows you to easily promote your brand on all listings.
  • Attracts more mobile shoppers with the responsive design.
  • It's compliant with all eBay policies, including the upcoming policy.

How Do I Use It?
  • To automatically apply the Scrolling Gallery to all listings, ensure the "Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings" preference is set to "Yes."
  • Then, customize the Scrolling Gallery to your liking.
  • You're set! All new listings posted to eBay will now contain the new Scrolling Gallery.

What If I Have Listings That Contain the Old Scrolling Gallery?
Don't worry, we can automatically upgrade older versions of the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to the new, compliant and active content-free versions for free.
Just contact us and let us know you need your tools upgraded to the newer versions and we'll be able to help.