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Frequently Asked Question:

What are the Optional eBay Gallery Images I see below my Auctiva images on the lister?

The Optional eBay Gallery Images are the small thumbnail images that appear on an eBay listing under the large Gallery Image. These eBay-hosted gallery images allow potential buyers to quickly view up to 12 images without having to scroll down into the description to see the images for your listing.

  • How can I add these thumbnail gallery images to my listing?
    While creating a listing, check the “Enable Optional eBay Gallery Images” box below the Auctiva Image Selection. The first 12 images that you have already selected for the listing will automatically appear as your eBay Gallery Images. To remove any of the eBay Gallery images 2-12, click on the image and deselect it. 
  • Do I have to use Auctiva Images when I use the Optional eBay Gallery Images?
    No, you do not have to use Auctiva Images to use the Optional eBay Gallery Images feature. However, you can use them both if you wish (particularly if you want to include Auctiva's extra large Supersized images in your listing.)
  • Is there any additional cost by eBay to use these Optional Gallery Images?
    Maybe, so please check with eBay before choosing to use this optional feature. *Auctiva cannot be responsible for eBay fees incurred by users when using optional features/upgrades on eBay.