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Frequently Asked Question:

What does "API" stand for?

"API" stands for Application Programming Interface, and is the way that we (and other third-party services) communicate with eBay's platform. 

When trying to list to eBay, and your listing fails to post, you will see an API Error message on your Scheduled Listing page (noted in red) and a link that says "View Error" that gives a brief explanation as to why your listing was not posted. Error message counts are also noted at the top of most pages (the red number box) where it says "Notifications."  You will need to fix the errors in the listing (if possible) before it can be posted to eBay. You may also receive notices from eBay's API if your eBay account is not in good standing, or if you have reached your selling limit. Please contact eBay for questions regarding these types of error messages.

API Warnings (noted in the orange number box at the top of your Auctiva page) are also messages sent from eBay, but do not prevent your listing from posting to eBay and generally speaking, you shouldn't have to take further action.