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Frequently Asked Question:

What is a SKU and how do I know how many of them I have?

The acronym SKU simply stands for Stock Keeping Unit; it’s basically a unique identifier that sellers can define in order to help keep track of their inventory. A SKU is generally unique for each seller as it’s defined by the seller themselves.

Each listing has the ability to contain a SKU. If a listing does not have a SKU defined, our system assumes this a unique SKU and will count it towards your plan’s limit. On the contrary, if you have a listing on eBay and a listing on Amazon that contain the exact same SKU, that would only be counted as 1 active SKU.

Additionally, as our system uses SKUs in order to sync quantities, we will automatically generate a SKU if your listing does not already have one. After you’ve linked your selling accounts to Auctiva, you can easily see how many unique SKUs you have by viewing the “Total Active SKUs” report on your Auctiva Dashboard.