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Frequently Asked Question:

What is a "Variation," "Attribute" and "Option?"

Below, find the common terminology we use to within our Multi-Variation Tool and relevant help content.

Multi-Variation Listing:
A listing with several variations that a buyer can choose from is called a Multi-Variation Listing. For example, a single multi-variation listing that includes several T-shirts of many different sizes and colors

A "variation" is a unique set of characteristics for a given product or listing. For example, a Women's shoe in size 8, colored red, and made of leather is a single variation.

An "attribute" is a type of characteristic of an item. Color, size, material and length are all attributes you might have for clothing, for example.

An "option" is a specific detail that you choose for an attribute. For example, let's say you have a quantity of sweaters (in red, blue and green) for which you create a Multi-Variation listing. The "Color" is the attribute and the specific colors are the options.