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Frequently Asked Question:

What is the Auctiva Custom Newsletter?

The Auctiva Custom Newsletter is an email newsletter that you create and send to your buyers who have opted to receive it. The newsletter will highlight up to 13 of your eBay items, and can include a custom logo, title, text color and a brief message from you. This is a great way to showcase new products, promote a sale, or just to keep in touch with your customer base. You do not need to subscribe to an eBay Store to use this feature on Auctiva.

To generate subscribers to your newsletter, you will first need to send previous buyers (from the last 90 days) an invitation email, through which they can opt in to receive your newsletters. You will choose how often to send the newsletters, and can manage your subscriber list at any time within your Auctiva account. Going forward, you can send this invitation to your more recent buyers as often as necessary (we recommend once per month). Our system will not send invitation emails to your buyers that have received one from you in the past.

Note: Only subscribers to the Pro plan have access to this feature.