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Frequently Asked Question:

Why am I getting an error on my listing that says my listing contains JavaScript?

eBay does allow JavaScript in item descriptions, however, certain scripts may cause your item to be rejected by eBay for security reasons. If you receive this error, you will need to remove the JavaScript in your listing description. Occasionally JavaScript can be added to your item description and you are not even aware of it. This can occur when you copy/paste from websites or insert custom graphics or logos in your listing description. Some extensions, when used with the Safari browser, may also be adding JavaScript. To locate the code, go to the Saved Listing page and find the Description Editor. Select "HTML" in the Item Description section (or if using the newest editor, look for the "Source" button.) This will display all the code in the Description Editor. Find the code that contains that begins with a tag. Be cautious when deleting code if you are not familiar with it. If you are unsure what to delete, please contact Customer Support.