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Frequently Asked Question:

Why do I have duplicate listings when I posted an item only once?

  1. You may have not seen your auction on your Scheduled Listing page within your Auctiva account right away, and therefore rescheduled or reposted it.
  2. You may have not seen the auction on eBay right away, and therefore rescheduled or reposted it.

If this happens, contact eBay to have the duplicate auction removed and request a refund. Your cancelled listings should automatically be removed from your Auctiva account within six to eight hours.

To speed up the removal of duplicate listings from your Auctiva Scrolling Gallery, you can make duplicate auctions invisible in your Auctiva Emporium by logging into your Auctiva account, going to the Stores tab and selecting "Edit Items." This page gives you the option to hide listings. Hidden listings will not be displayed in your Auctiva Emporium or in your Auctiva Scrolling Gallery the next time it refreshes, which happens about every four hours.