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Frequently Asked Question:

What is an eBay token and why do I need one?

In order for eBay to recognize you through our system eBay must generate a token for you. A token is like a key just for your account so Auctiva and eBay can communicate about your account. If you don't generate an eBay token, you cannot use 95% of Auctiva's tools, including the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery.

To generate your eBay token:

  1. Hover your mouse over the My Account tab and click on the eBay link in the Settings section.
  2. Click on the Get New Token link.

When you click the "Generate eBay Token" button, you are redirected to the eBay sign-in screen. eBay requests that you specifically agree to let them share necessary information from your eBay account with Auctiva Corporation for Auctiva functions. When you click on "Agree and Continue", eBay assigns the token and you are switched back to the Auctiva screen with your eBay identity linked.

Below is the text of the agreement:

In order to fulfill your request to use Auctiva Corporation on eBay, we need to give Auctiva Corporation access to some information about you. This information will be encrypted in a way that Auctiva Corporation will only be able to use it to perform the following functions on your behalf:

  • Display the status of items I sell.
    Information that is currently available in the selling section of My eBay.
  • List new items for sale, relist items, sell similar items, or make a second chance offer.
    Perform item listing actions on my behalf using tools similar to Sell Your Item, etc...
  • Add to item description or revise items for sale.
    Perform revisions or additions to item listings on my behalf similar to Revise Your Item.
  • Leave feedback or display my feedback. Perform feedback actions on my behalf such as leaving feedback or display my feedback.

For your security and protection, eBay requires your explicit consent before we will transfer any eBay transaction information to third parties. eBay strongly encourages you to read Auctiva Corporation's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as their use of your eBay transaction information is controlled by those policies, and is not directly controlled by eBay.