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Frequently Asked Question:

Can I use Item Specifics like I do on eBay?

Yes! When you have selected the category for your item on the one-page lister, you will be given the opportunity to enter specific details about your item that will appear at the top of your listing description on eBay. These details can also be used for a buyer's search, so it's important to select the relevant Item Specifics for your product. Depending on what category you are listing in, you will be able to choose from the following option(s):

  • Custom Item Specifics: this is the most common option you will see for most categories and allows you to add "custom" details about your product.
  • Choose Item Specifics: this option allows you to select from pre-filled information and doesn't allow for adding "custom" details.
  • Find Product: lets you search eBay's Product Catalog (by keyword, UPC, ISBN, etc.) for your item's information.


Clicking on the Custom Item Specifics or Choose Item Specifics link will open a new window that contains the Item Specifics as determined by eBay based on your category. We recommend you enter your item specifics by using the Custom Item Specifics method whenever possible.

For more information on how to use the Find Product tool to look up your item's information in eBay's Product Catalog, click here.

For an overview of eBay's item specifics, please visit: