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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I get the MyStoreRewards banner on my listings?

The easiest way to have the banner automatically appended to your listings is to enable the Auto Append feature. To enable the Auto Append:

  • Hover your mouse over the My Account tab and click on MyStoreRewards (under Settings.)
  • At the top of the MyStoreRewards page you will see a box that says Append to Listings.
  • To enable Auto Append, click the "Turn Auto Append On" button.
  • To disable Auto Append in the future, click the "Turn Auto Append Off" button at the bottom of the page.


Alternatively, you can add the banner on a per-listing basis (if you have Auto Append turned off.) When creating a listing, below the Description Editor box you will see the MyStoreRewards heading with a check box to append the MyStoreRewards banner to your listing.