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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I know if one of my shipments is covered under an Auctiva Shipping Insurance Policy?

In order to verify whether an item you've sold has been covered by an Auctiva Shipping Insurance policy, you will want to locate the item on your Auctiva Sales page, which can be reached by hovering your cursor over the "eBay Sales" tab within your account and selecting the "All" option.

To the right of each transaction you will see several icons in the "Actions" column--the insurance icon resembles a box with a blue shield. When you put your cursor over the icon it will say either "View Insurance" or "Purchase Insurance."  "View Insurance" means that a policy was generated for that transaction.  "Purchase Insurance" means that a policy has not been generated for that transaction.

You can purchase a policy for an eligible item within 72 hours of the carrier’s recorded ship date/time.