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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I print a shipping label using the new Integrated Shipping Label feature?

Paying for your postage and printing a shipping label for your package is easy and convenient using the new Integrated Shipping Label feature. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Place an automatic payment method on file with your account or make a balance pre-payment sufficient to cover your postage. Labels cannot be generated unless one of these payments options is available. If you would like to pre-pay for multiple labels, it's best to make one deposit to your account that will cover the cost of all labels being generated.
  2. Go to the "Sales" page.
  3. Under the "Actions" column (far right-hand side), click on the button that resembles a bar-code (it will say "Get Shipping Label" if you hover your mouse over it).
  4. The transaction will open with the shipping label feature.
  5. Select either "Domestic" or "International" for the "Type".
  6. If you already have your address saved in your Auctiva account, it will be automatically inserted as the "From" address. If you do not have your address saved, you will need to manually input it the first time you print a label.
  7. The buyer's address will automatically be inserted into the proper fields.
  8. Enter the shipping details (e.g. shipping service, ship date, weight, dimensions). The "Notes for Buyer" will be printed directly on the label.
  9. If you wish to add optional Auctiva Shipping Insurance, check the box next to "Purchase insurance with coverage amount of $ ____."
  10. Add Special Services by checking the box(es) next to each.
  11. Click the blue "Calculate Rate" button to verify the cost of the postage and any optional services.
  12. Once you have verified that the label information is correct, click the "Pay and Print Label" button.
  13. The label details will appear below the transaction, which include the purchase date, service type and delivery confirmation number, as well as links to view the label, print the label, or create a similar label.
  14. To print the label, click the "Print" link. In your print dialog box that opens, select "Print." The default label size is currently set for half-sheet labels that print on 8 1/2"x11" paper.