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Frequently Asked Question:

How do I remove the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery from an active listing?

To remove the scrolling gallery from your active listings you must delete the scrolling gallery HTML from the HTML description using eBay's Revise Item form.

  1. Find the listing you would like to edit on eBay.
  2. Click on the link to Revise the item.
  3. Put your mouse in the HTML description and click so your cursor is in the box.
  4. Hit Ctrl+F and when the find box comes up type <!--ASW-->. Find the first instance.
  5. Use your mouse to highlight all the HTML after that first <!--ASW--> until you see the second <!--ASW--> take care not to delete anything before or after those <!--ASW--> tags.
  6. Delete all that code between the two <!--ASW--> tags.
  7. Save with eBay.

You can also contact our Customer Support  to remove the gallery in bulk from your active eBay listings.