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Frequently Asked Question:

How does MyStoreRewards get access to my PayPal sales information?

We use the PayPal approved Automated Program Interface (API). Instructions on how to set your PayPal account up for our service can be found by going to the MyStoreRewards home page in your Auctiva account and clicking on the "Automate Rewards Payment" tab

There are two primary activities we will automatically complete for you using your PayPal account. The first is to "read" your PayPal sales. This allows our service to "see" who made purchases with you and how much they paid you. Secondly, once we have this information we can send an invitation to your new buyers and automatically calculate and send rebate rewards to those buyers who opt-in to your MyStoreRewards program.

We also access your PayPal account directly to issue rebate rewards from within your PayPal account. We do this using the PayPal MassPay function. After sign-up we'll send you instructions on how to give our service automated access to issue your MassPay payments.

It is important to state that you have 100% control over what access you provide us at PayPal.