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Frequently Asked Question:

How does MyStoreRewards work?

It's easy! You simply place a few lines of HTML code on your listing (either manually or let us do it automatically for you.) The code shows a small banner image near the bottom of your eBay listings. This image must be shown to your buyers before they pay, and starts the process by telling your buyers they can join your MyStoreRewards program when they pay with PayPal.

The MyStoreRewards system will do everything else for you. We start by sending your buyer an invitation email to join MyStoreRewards. Once your buyer joins your MyStoreRewards program by clicking the link in the email, MyStoreRewards helps you drive repeat sales by automatically sending your opted-in buyers a periodic update email reminding them that they will automatically get a reward when they make a repeat purchase from you.

YOU choose how frequently to send periodic reminder emails. You also choose how much rebate rewards to give your buyers for purchases.

Once you have automated the rewards payment, the system takes care of itself. Whenever your buyer opt-in to your MyStoreRewards program and whenever your buyer makes a qualifying repeat purchase, MyStoreRewards will automatically process the reward rebate for you. You won't need to do a thing.

Rebate rewards are sent only after your buyer pays for their purchase. All rebate rewards are issued within 72 hours via PayPal when you have automated your rewards payment. You will see every rebate reward transaction in your Auctiva account as well as your own PayPal account. You can change anything or everything in your MyStoreRewards program at any time.