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Frequently Asked Question:

How does PickPerfect work?

  1. You sign up with PickPerfect and enter your selling details.
  2. You authorize Auctiva to connect with your PickPerfect account.
  3. You list your items on PickPerfect from your Auctiva account.
  4. PickPerfect's state-of-the-art algorithms show your products to qualified shoppers on sites they already visit, including Facebook and Google Shopping.
  5. Shoppers see your items and buy them on
  6. The item's quantity is adjusted on eBay or removed if needed, so you don't over sell. (We'll also adjust the quantity of the item on PickPerfect or remove the item if needed when one of your items sells on eBay.)
  7. You process your orders from your Auctiva account.