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Frequently Asked Question:

How should I set the reward rebate amounts when I use MyStoreRewards?

By default, your reward rebates are set to give buyers a 2% reward when they join your program and to give a 3% reward on their total payment when they return for a repeat purchase. Rebate rewards are calculated on the total payment your buyer makes (including shipping and handling). However, you can change the MyStoreRewards rebate reward percentages at any time to any percent you choose.

You can change your MyStoreRewards offers as frequently as you wish by returning to the MyStoreRewards home page.  To reach the MSR home page, hover your mouse over the My Account tab and click on the MyStoreRewards link under Settings. In the Service Settings box click the Change Service Settings link to update your reward amounts. MyStoreRewards is your store reward program. We encourage you to test various MyStoreRewards amounts and emails to see what works best for you and your buyers.