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Frequently Asked Question:

Is there a way to delete the "Recently Used Categories" in the drop-down menu on the lister?

When you are creating a listing and need to choose the category to list in, many users select the “Recently Used Categories” menu to select from a category that they have used before. This list can get very long over time, and we have added the ability for users to manage their list of Recently Used Categories.

How do I use it?

  1. In the Lister, click on the link that says “Manage List” next to the "Select recently used category" drop-down menu.
  2. A window will appear to the right with a list of your recently used categories.
  3. You can delete some or all of these recently used categories in two ways:
    • Select specific categories by checking the box next to each, or choose the Select All button to check all the boxes on the page. Then hit the Delete Selected button to remove those categories from the list.
    • Click on the Clear List button and all recently used categories will be deleted. Caution: The Clear list button will delete all recently used categories and this option cannot be undone.