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Frequently Asked Question:

What are Custom Item Specifics and why do I have to enter them?

Custom item Specifics are important details about items that will help buyers find the products they are looking for easily on eBay. Certain categories (including all new & revised listings in the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories categories) require that the Custom Item Specifics be entered in order for them to post to eBay. For example, if you are selling a pair of pants, you can no longer simply enter “new” or “used” as the only Item Specific. New fields will need to be entered, such as Style, Size, Color, etc. EBay-required Custom Item Specifics will vary according to the category.

For more information on the new Item Specifics requirements: Item Specific Changes on eBay
To view a list of Custom Item Specifics required by category: Required Item Specifics by category