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Frequently Asked Question:

What if my listings do not have a SKU? Will I still be able to use Auto-Sync Quantity?

Yes. If your listings do not contain SKUs, we’ll auto-generate them for you. And don’t worry–if you want to use Auto-Sync Quantity, you’ll be able to. To sync product quantities together, you simply need to give the listings' the same SKU. As Amazon does not allow SKU editing, we suggest you edit the SKU of your eBay listing, and give it the same SKU as the Amazon listing you want it to sync with.

You can do this easily from your Auctiva Product Catalog. To sync product together, follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to your Product Catalog in Auctiva
  2. Locate the Amazon listing you want to sync, and copy the Amazon listing SKU.
  3. Then, locate the eBay listing you want synced to that Amazon listing and click the title to edit the product.
  4. Next, paste the SKU you copied from the Amazon listing into the SKU field.
  5. You'll be prompted to "link" the listings together.
  6. Verify this is the same product and then click to link the listings together.

Now your products have been linked together and the listings now contain the same SKU, which will allow you enable Auto-Synced Quantity for that product!