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Frequently Asked Question:

What is the difference between Auto-Sync Quantity and Allocated Quantity?

You’re in control of how your inventory is managed. You can either choose the Inventory Management setting “Auto-Sync Quantity” or “Allocated Quantity”. Here’s the difference between the two:

Auto-Sync Quantity
If you enable Auto-Sync Quantity for your Auctiva Inventory Management, we’ll keep your multi-channel product quantities in sync, automatically, whenever a sale occurs. This gives you the ability to to expand your product reach, without the worry of overselling! Here’s how it works: Listing quantities are synchronized based off your listing’s SKU value. Meaning, in order to utilize Auto-Sync Quantity across multiple channels, you need to ensure the listings you want synced together contain the exact same SKU. This is the case for variant and non-variant listings.

Allocated Quantity
If you enable Allocated Quantity for your Auctiva Inventory Management, that means you decide the quantity volume that’s allocated to each channel. Simply put, this setting means that you manage quantity values independently per channel and our system will not sync quantities.

Please Note:

  1. For eBay: Auto-Sync Quantity is only supported in eBay listings that are in a Fixed Price and Good til Canceled format. Auto-Synced Quantity is not available to eBay listings that are in an Auction or duration format.
  2. For Amazon: Auto-Synced Quantity is only supported in Amazon FBM listings; it is not available for Amazon FBA listings.