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Frequently Asked Question:

When will I be billed?

All Auctiva users who subscribe to monthly plans will be on the same billing cycle, to follow full calendar months. The billing cycle cut-off date/time is 23:59:59 PT on the last day of each month (e.g. Dec. 31, April 30, etc.).

Typically, on the first business day of each month, we will create an invoice for your account, comprising any incidental charges for the previous billing cycle as well as the monthly plan fees for the invoice month. For example, your September invoice will be generated on the first business day in September and include any plan overage charges or Auctiva Shipping Insurance charges incurred in August as well as your monthly plan fee for September.

On the other hand, all prepaid annual plans are billed for immediately upon selection and will automatically renew on the selection day, the appropriate number of years later. For example, if you purchased a two-year prepaid plan on September 10, 2015, it will automatically renew on September 10, 2017. However, any incidental charges will still be assessed during our standard monthly billing cycles.

We will immediately notify you by email that your invoice is ready for your review on the site. This email will include both the invoice amount as well as the date we plan to charge your on-file payment method, which is also displayed within the actual invoice accessible through your account.