Auctiva Tutorials

How to Setup Auctiva Auto-Insurance

Auctiva Shipping Insurance offers great coverage at low costs. Our insurance is:

  • Affordable: Save up to 30% over USPS insurance rates.
  • Convenient: No lines, no work, just get it directly through your Auctiva account. Plus we cover international shipments.
  • Flexible: Set up your auto-insurance rules to only cover orders over a specific dollar amount and you'll have the opportunity to purchase insurance up to three days after the end of your auction.

This tutorial will walk you through how to setup your personal Auto-Insurance rules.

Step 1: Enable Auctiva Shipping Insurance

  • Ensure you have a valid payment method on file fist. This is needed in order to turn on Auctiva Shipping Insurance within your account.
  • Then hover over the settings icon and click on the "Auto-Insurance Settings" link.
  • Check the box for "Enable Auctiva Shipping Insurance" (Figure 1 A).
  • Then specify how you want to handle insurance for combined purchases (Figure 1 B).

Step 2: Specify Your Domestic & International Insurance Rules

Now it's time to specify when you want insurance automatically purchased for each domestic and international order that you receive.

  • Setup the auto-insurance rules for both "Domestic Shipments" and "International Shipments".
  • First, specify if you want to auto-insure all orders that are shipped by "USPS" or "Any Carrier**" (Figure 2 A). To see which carriers are approved by the shipping insurance provider, please review the Terms & Conditions here.
  • Do not automatically purchase insurance (Figure 2 B): Select this setting only if you do not want insurance automatically purchased for either domestic or international orders.
  • Auto-Insure all eligible items (Figure 2 C): Select this setting if you want shipping insurance automatically purchased for all orders. To see which items are not eligible for insurance, please review the Terms & Conditions here.
  • Total transaction price (final value + S&H over ____ ) In the listing's currency (Figure 2 D): Select this setting only if you want to insure your more expensive orders and products. This setting gives you the ability to set a price, and when you receive an order that exceeds that price, insurance will be automatically purchased for it.

Step 3: Provide Your Contact Information

This last section allows you to specify where and how you can be contacted in the case of an insurance claim.

Enter in the appropriate information for your full name, address, city, state, zip code, country and fax number (Figure 3 A).

Then be sure to click the "Save Settings" button (Figure 3 B).

You're done! This concludes the tutorial on setting up Auctiva Auto-Insurance. Going forward, shipments will now be insured according to your specifications. You can change your settings at any time by returning to the Auto-Insurance page.

**Please be advised: If you use shipping carriers that are not in our terms of service, the purchased policy may not be honored.