Auctiva Tutorials

How to Create & Send Custom Newsletters

Auctiva provides a powerful Custom Newsletter feature that makes it easy to turn your past buyers into repeat buyers and create strong, long-lasting relationships with them.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Create and send an email invite to your previous eBay buyers that contains a sample of your newsletter and the option to sign up to receive future newsletters. Be sure to send invite emails regularly to help build up your subscription list!
  2. Once you have subscribers opted-in, you can create newsletters that will showcase up to 13 of your eBay items, add your own custom message and logo, and then send it out to all of your subscribers!

This tutorial will walk you through how to create your invite email, and your custom newsletter.

Step 1: Customize Your Invite Message

In step 1, there is a pre-filled message describing the benefits of your newsletter. You can edit this message by clicking in the box. Just make sure you let your buyers know what the purpose of the email is, and what they're subscribing to (Figure 1 A).

When you are happy with your invite message, click "Next" or click directly on "Step 2" (Figure 1 B & C).

Step 2: Brand & Style Your Newsletter

This is where you can add your logo, store name and add a title for your newsletter.

To add or edit the logo, click in the box that reads "Select Newsletter Logo" (Figure 2 A). The logo selection window will appear and you can select from any of the images you have currently stored within your Auctiva account.

To edit the title of your newsletter, click the box that reads "Sample Newsletter Title" (Figure 2 B) and type in the title you want your newsletter invite email to have.

Your Auctiva Emporium name is automatically inserted below your logo. To edit your Emporium name, click in the box that reads "My Store Name" (Figure 2 C) and type in the name you want to appear in your newsletter.

The default text color for your newsletter is set to black, but you can change it. Click the box that reads "Select your text color" (Figure 2 D) to select the text color you want.

Step 3: Create Your Custom Message & Choose A Product To Feature

Here is where you'll write a custom message to entice your buyers to subscribe. There is a pre-filled marketing message for your newsletter (Figure 3 A) that you can edit if you wish.

This is a great place to mention upcoming sales or discounts and announce new products that you have for sale.

To select the product you want to feature, click the box that reads "Featured Product" (Figure 3 B) to open the window of your active eBay listings.

When selecting which product you want to feature in your newsletter invite email, use the drop down menu to see the listings that are ending soonest or are newly listed (Figure 3.1 A). Then select the checkbox of the item you want featured (Figure 3.1 B), and then click "Apply" (Figure 3.1 C) to add it to your newsletter.

Step 4: Highlight Up To 6 Additional Products

In addition to the product you are featuring, you can choose up to 6 more products to highlight in your newsletter.

You can select products one by one, by clicking on each individual box (Figure 4 A), or click the "Select up to 6 products" link (Figure 4 B) to select multiple products at once.

Step 5: Name, Preview & Send Your Newsletter Invitation

You're just about ready to send out your custom newsletter invitation, congrats!

Before you can send it, first give it a name and preview it to make sure it looks good. If you need to change anything before sending, you can always click on the previous steps to make your edits.

When you're ready to send, agree to the Newsletter Terms of Service and send yourself a test email by clicking the "Send Test" button. We'll send you a copy of your newsletter invite email, to the email address you have on file in your Auctiva account.

Now it's time to send your newsletter invite out!

Simply click "Send", and we'll send your invitation out to your recent eBay buyers. At anytime you can check on your subscription list to see how many subscribers you have by going to your newsletter page, and clicking on the "subscriber list" link.