Auctiva Tutorials

How to Upload & Edit Images Via the Image App

Auctiva offers personal Image Hosting storage so that you have a secure location to store all of your unique product images year over year. This tutorial will walk you through how to upload new images into your Auctiva account and edit them via the Auctiva Image App, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Step 1: Get The App & Sign In

First, download the free app onto your mobile device, either from the iTunes or Google Play store. Launch the app and sign in with your Auctiva username and password (Figure 1). Once you've logged into the app, you'll need to specify whether or not you'd like your images to only upload into your Auctiva account if connected to WiFi. Click "Yes" or "No" in the confirmation box (Figure 1.1). You can always change this setting later by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the app and toggling the setting.

Step 2: Uploading New Photos

To upload new photos into your Auctiva account, click the blue " + " button (Figure 2) to see the option to either "Take a Photo" or "Choose from Gallery" (Figure 2.1).

  • Take a Photo allows you to instantly take a brand new photo and then upload it into your account. If you've chosen to only upload over WiFi, you'll see the image in a "pending upload" state which will automatically upload once you've connected to WiFi.
  • Choose from Gallery will allow you to select up to 15 photos from your mobile device's camera roll and upload them in bulk.

Step 3: Editing Your Photos

Using the Auctiva Image App gives you a wider variety of image editing tools compared to the website which include, image cropping, rotating, brightening, adjusting the contrast, saturation, vibrance and the exposure of the image.

To edit your image, simply click the down arrow on the image you want to edit. Then click the "Edit" option (Figure 3). Then simply click which editing tool you'd like to use to edit the image (Figure 3.1 A). When you've finished editing the image, click the "Done" button (Figure 3.1 B) and choose to either "Save" over the older image or "Save new" to save a new copy of your edited photo.

All photos you currently have uploaded into your Auctiva account with be reflected here in the Auctiva Image App, as well as in your account on the website.