Auctiva Tutorials

How to Use The Auto-Lister

With Auctiva's Auto-Lister, you can get your eBay items listed on Amazon with just a single click.

This tool is especially powerful for eBay sellers who want to get started selling on Amazon but need help adding their eBay items to Amazon. Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Verify Your eBay & Amazon seller accounts are linked to Auctiva

In order for the Auto-Lister to work, first make sure your eBay & Amazon seller accounts are linked to Auctiva. Hover over your username (Figure 1A) and click on the "My Selling Channels" link (Figure 1B).

On this page, when viewing the eBay tab (Figure 1.1A), you'll see a green checkmark indicating your eBay account was successfully linked to Auctiva (Figure 1.1B).

On the Amazon tab (Figure 1.2A) verify your Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token, it should look similar to the format below (Figure 1.2B) with the exception of the asterisks being numbers and/or letters.

Step 2: Review and Activate your Auto-Lister Suggestions

To add your eBay items to Amazon, go to the Auto-Lister page within your Auctiva account (Figure 2) to see the Auto-Lister product suggestions.

Now, review the suggestions and click "Activate" on the product(s) you want added to Amazon (Figure 2.1A). It's a good idea to click "View Product on Amazon" (Figure 2.1B) before Activating, just to make sure the Auto-Lister suggested the correct Amazon product. If the Auto-Lister suggestion is incorrect, or you do not want to list that product on that marketplace, click the "Don't Activate" button (Figure 2.1C).

The "Current Quantity" column, shows you the quantity currently available on your eBay item listing. Use the toggle to specify if you want that product to use Auto-Synced Quantity or Allocated Quantity (Figure 2.1D). If you've elected to use Allocated Quantity, you'll see an Amazon QTY field display (Figure 2.1E) which will allow you to specify the quantity you want included in the Amazon listing.

Step 3: Confirm your eBay item is now listed on Amazon

Once you've clicked "Activate" on an Auto-Lister suggestion, go to your Auctiva Product Catalog (Figure 3) to see that your product is now active for sale on both eBay and Amazon.

You'll see that your eBay item is now listed on Amazon (Figure 3.1)!

If you have any additional questions about the Auto-Lister, or general questions about expanding your business from eBay to Amazon, feel free to contact us anytime.