Auctiva Tutorials

How to Use The Search Engine Optimizer

Auctiva's Search Engine Optimizer can help boost the visibility of your listings in eBay search results, making it easier for buyers to find your product and ultimately increasing your sales.

How it works: The SEO Tool searches for listings that are lacking item specifics and will generate suggestions for those attributes based off that listing's product data and eBay's catalog data. Then with a click of a button, the SEO tool will automatically revise the listing with the approved SEO data.

This tutorial will walk you through how to review & approve your SEO suggestions.

Step 1: Review & Approve Your Search Engine Optimizer Suggestions

Go to your Search Engine Optimizer page, and use the filter to review the SEO suggestions for your active eBay listings.

You'll see a list of all your active eBay listings which we found SEO suggestions for.

If the SEO suggestion isn't correct, simply expand the drop down menu for that suggestion and type in your own value (Figure 1 A)!

To approve an SEO suggestion for a single listing, simply click the "Update" button (Figure 1 B); after you click "Update" you'll receive a confirmation message letting you know our system will revise the listing and update it with the approved SEO data automatically.

If you simply do not want to apply an SEO suggestion to your listing, and want the suggestion removed from your Search Engine Optimizer, simply click the "Ignore" button on that listing.

If you have a set of SEO suggestions for a single listing, and only 1 of the suggestions is incorrect you can either type in your own value as shown in figure 1A, or select "Ignore Suggestion" from the drop down menu for that specific attribute (Figure 1.1 A) and when you click "Update" for that listing, we'll update the listing with all of the SEO suggestions except for the attributes where you've selected "Ignore Suggestion".

To approve SEO suggestions in bulk, simply select the checkbox next to the listing you want updated (Figure 1.1 B). Then scroll up to the top of the page and click the main "Update" button (Figure 1.2). You'll see a confirmation box pop open, that reflects the number of listings you want to update (Figure 1.3 A), then click on the "OK" button (Figure 1.3 B) to approve the SEO suggestions in bulk.

It's that easy! Simply review and approve the SEO suggestions we've found for your eBay listings and our system will automatically revise the listing with the item specifics you approved.