Auctiva Tutorials

How to Customize My Scrolling Gallery

Auctiva's Scrolling Gallery allows you to cross-promote other products you have for sale on eBay while buyers browse through one of your listings.

The Scrolling Gallery is mobile responsive and active content-free making it an extremely powerful marketing tool; plus it's automatic and customizable so you can make sure it represents your brand well, and reap its benefits without having to do any additional work.

This tutorial will walk you through how to customize your Scrolling Gallery.

Step 1: Choose Which Items You Want Displayed In Your Scrolling Gallery

To customize your Scrolling Gallery, go to your Scrolling Gallery customization page. Notice that you can preview the Scrolling Gallery with sample items just incase you don't have any active listings on eBay at this time (Figure 1 A).

Start by choosing which of your eBay listings you want promoted in your Scrolling Gallery and specify how many items you want promoted in your Scrolling Gallery at any given time, ranging from 5 to 50 listings (Figure 1 B).

Then in the "Item Display Mode" section (Figure 1 C), choose how you'd like your listings to be ordered within your Scrolling Gallery.

  • Items Ending Soonest: We recommend you use this setting if you primarily list your eBay products in an Auction format.
  • Random Selection: We recommend you use this setting if you primarily listing your eBay products in a fixed price, good til' canceled format.

If you'd like to ensure some products do or do not display within your Scrolling Gallery, click the "Hide/Feature Items" link (Figure 1 D) to specify which items you want hidden or featured within your Scrolling Gallery.

  • Make Hidden: This item will never appear in the Scrolling Gallery.
  • Add Featured: This item will always be given priority in the Scrolling Gallery.

Step 2: Pick Your Scrolling Gallery Style

When buyers are browsing your products, they have the ability to manipulate your Scrolling Gallery. They can expand your Scrolling Gallery to see 2 rows of your products and they can also click the side arrows skip to the next item, however you get to choose the default style of your Scrolling Gallery as shown in figure 2.

Step 3: Choose The Color of Your Scrolling Gallery

Now it's time to pick the color of your Scrolling Gallery. We recommend you check the box for "If listing uses an Auctiva Template, override default color selections and match Scrolling Gallery to template" (Figure 3 A), so that when you use an Auctiva Listing Template design in your eBay listing, your Scrolling Gallery matches the color of your Listing Template design.

To pick the color of your Scrolling Gallery you can choose a solid color, by clicking the button next to the color selector (Figure 3 B). However you can also pick from a premade textured design, and also select a highlight color (Figure 3 C) which will change the color of the item boxes and arrows within the Scrolling Gallery as shown in figure 3.

Step 4: Customize The Text

Promote your brand, business name, eBay username or sales you're currently running by customizing the text of your Scrolling Gallery!

To customize the text that's displayed on the top part of your Scrolling Gallery, type in your custom message into the "Gallery Title" field (Figure 4 A), which can hold up to 60 characters. Then to customize the text in the lower part of your Scrolling Gallery, type in your custom message, up to 40 characters long, into the "Link Message" field (Figure 4 B).

If you leave the "Gallery Title" and "Link Message" fields blank, the default messages will be displayed, "Other Items For Sale" and "Browse all items from this seller" respectively.

Step 5: Choose The Position Of Your Scrolling Gallery

The last step to customize your Scrolling Gallery is to choose where you want it displayed within your eBay item description (Figure 5). Here are the options:

  • Above the Description (or as positioned within listing): This setting will place the Scrolling Gallery above the listing's item description.
  • Below the Description: This setting will place the Scrolling Gallery below the listing's item description.

Lastly, click the "Save & Apply" button to update the design of your Scrolling Gallery. Please note, it can take up to a few hours for your Scrolling Galleries to be updated across all active listings.